Colour Therapy can Help!

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Colour Therapy can Help!

Colour therapy or Colour Psychology is an effective way to balance the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, when things become too much for us to cope with. I use a variety of different Colour Therapy Techniques, which all work to support and assist in balancing any feeling or emotion that may be suppressed or blocked.

Colour Therapies that I offer:

· The Colour Therapy Drawing

· Aromatherapy with Kinesiology – TCM Acupressure points

· Energy Balancing with Essential Oils

· Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice using colour and supplements


Using Colour with Drawing and Counselling allows the client to get in touch with feelings or emotions that have been subconsciously blocked or suppressed. When we draw it helps reveal the very things that we may have forgotten about or ones we may have put aside that may have been unpleasant to deal with.

Using these tools together can create a gentle and supportive way to help release these subconscious blocks to allow a healing or a shift to take place. In a typical Colour Therapy Drawing session the client will be asked to draw pictures using an array of coloured pencils.

Each drawing is done in the before-therapy stage, which then gets discussed. This allows the client to gain insight and understanding of what they have drawn. Then an after-therapy drawing is done to complete the session.


Using an Aromatic Barometer, the client chooses Essential Oils that relate to how they are currently feeling when in a negative or emotional state. The Essential Oils can be from any of the “four pillars of healing” – Mental, Physical, Emotional or Spiritual.

Once the Essential oils get chosen by the client, a blend is made and then massaged into Acupressure points to move the Emotion into a positive peaceful place. Another way I use this technique is by going through word association or feelings that the client may be experiencing, and Essentials Oils for those Emotions get chosen for them.


“Energy Balancing” is achieved by either sending healing energy to a person through the practitioner’s hands and/or touch or through absent healing which can be sent to someone living on the other side of the world if need be.

In a Session I use special Aroma Blends and Crystals that are the Colours of the Rainbow or specific colours that the client may need for re-balancing their Meridian Points. This technique can be like a Reiki Healing Session and can also be used on Animals, as well as Plants.


We may not think that when we eat food that we are taking in a Colour Energy, but we are. That is why if we eat a variety of fruit and vegetables or a Rainbow of Colours we will be in-taking all the necessary vitamin and minerals that our body needs.

In a Session we discuss and look at what the Client is currently Eating as well as an overview of their Lifestyle to see which areas may need more Focus/input or additional help in. Primary Colours can reflect on the main areas of a client’s life:- Personal (Health&Well-being), Business/Career, Home&Family, and Social /Community.

Using colours in this way can help bring balance to a Person’s Energy on different levels or they can assist them with any area of their Lifestyle they feel they need support with.

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