What is a Naturopath?

Naturopathic Medicine draws on a rich history of practice encompassing thousands of years. Drawing upon the use of plants for nutritional value and active constituents as therapeutic agents for health and healing. … To harness the healing power of nature.

Modern naturopathy combines the best of traditional medicine with contemporary science as a practice that is steeped in tradition while incorporating modern clinical advances.

The Global Profession of Naturopathic Medicine:

  • Countries that practice naturopathic medicine 80+

  • Naturopathic educational institutions = 90+

  • Naturopathic Research Centres = 20+

What can Naturopathic Medicine help with?

  • Botanical Medicine (Herbal Medicine / Rongoā Māori )

  • Clinical Nutrition

  • Physical Medicine

  • Hydrotherapy – Water cure

  • Prevention and Lifestyle counselling

The Importance of seeing a registered Naturopath

We advise that one should consult a registered naturopath that belongs to a professional association such as the

  • NMHNZ – Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists of New Zealand

  • NZAMH – New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists

Members of these associations have codes of professional conduct that must be adhered to. Members are also made aware of their Scope of Practice for patient safety. Members keep up to date with ongoing education and meet the specified criteria annually, they also hold a current First Aid Certificate.

Whilst statutory regulation through registration does not currently exist with our government, there is a strong sentiment within the profession to be better recognised and endorsed as part of the primary health care system.

Registered Naturopathic Practitioners can be found nationwide in a location search within the professional association website

Angela Haldane aka “Natural Ange” Naturopath and Medical Herbalist; Former Registered Nurse.


www.naturalange.co.nz www.facebook.com/naturalange


Hechtmann L. (2020) Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine. Elselvier Australia

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